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Making transaction anywhere via ATM/EDC machine is more efficient, convenient, and secure with Aladin Card!

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For you, loyal friends of Aladin, by using Aladin Card, you can enjoy various advantages of transacting on all ATM/EDC networks throughout Indonesia.

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Network Connections Throughout Indonesia

Why Sharia?

Find out the comfort of applying sharia principle in your finance management!

The convenience of withdraw & deposit cash in nearby stores.

The ease of doing banking transaction for daily needs.


Ala Impian is a savings product by Bank Aladin Syariah that could help you manage your financial goals. You can create several savings accounts for whatever dreams you want such as for buying new gadgets, your wedding fund, buying a house or going on Umrah. You can also customize and manage your dream savings through our app. For you who haven't discovered their dream yet, you can still create an Ala Impian account to help with your savings routine or even for an emergency fund.

One thing that differentiate Ala Dompet with Ala Impian is the purpose of the fund you save. Ala Dompet makes it easy for you to manage your daily transaction. With a GPN debit card, you can easily make cash withdrawal at any ATM network or even make payment on EDC machines.

Meanwhile, Ala Impian can help you manage your savings and make your long-term or short-term dreams come true. By having an Ala Impian account, you can easily set your own financial goals so you can save more easily and regularly. What's more, since Ala Impian focuses more as a savings account, Aladin can provide higher profit sharing for your Ala Impian savings.

Akad yang digunakan dalam produk Ala Dompet adalah akad mudharabah mutlaqah (unrestricted investment account).

Whether your Ala Impian has a goal or not, profit sharing will be shared on the 1st of each month.

Sure you can! If you’re still unsure about your dream and just want to save for an emergency fund or to just simply separate your savings accounts from your transaction account, you could still create an Ala Impian account by selecting the "Saving Without Purpose" option.