Relax, Aladin is here to be your saving friend that will help you carry out financial transactions
that align with sharia values. We want you to feel safe, more comfortable and full of passion
to make your dreams come true.


Manage Your Finance
With Peace of Mind

Easy transaction for your daily needs and to manage your dream saving in a good way 
with sharia saving from Aladin.


Ala Dompet

You can easily do daily transaction
anywhere and anytime.

Ala Impian

Accomplish your dreams by having a saving that allows you to set the amount and your own deposit period.

Open a Banking Account is Now Faster and Simpler

You can open an account without any hassle and queue-free with your smartphone.
The process is fast within minutes and it is digitally done via the app!


Download Aladin
and Create an Account

Enter your email or cellphone number that you want to register.


Identity Verification

Upload an ID card or other identification card for the verification process.


Face Recognition Scanning For Security

Scan your face to ensure that your Aladin account is more secure.


Done! Now You Can Start Your Transaction!

If you need a debit card, select Card Request and wait for you card to be delivered.

A Convenient Cash Withdrawal and Transaction with Aladin!

You can withdraw cash and transact via ATM or EDC of the GPN network in Indonesia!

Make transaction at


easily across the GPN network,
or through the



Kamu dapat bertransaksi di ATM manapun yang berlogo



Lebih dari 30.000 Outlet tersebar di seluruh Indonesia


Transact Easily
Using Debit Card

Withdraw cash and transact at ATM
throughout Indonesia easily, and shop at any
store that accepts payments with GPN card!

Ala Berbagi

Simple Way of Sharing Kindness Through Banking App!

Now you can effortlessly share kindness and have it channeled to official institutions through the Ala Berbagi feature in Aladin!